Dear Sir Deepak,

Namaste from wet and cold Switzerland.

Just to inform you that it is very chilly in Switzerland and we would prefer warmth as the weather of India. In the meanwhile, we look forward to our summer time.

Hope everything is fine with you and your lovely family.

We really had a lovely 1 month at Devaaya, Goa and had a great time. Many thanks for recommending the same to us and we are really feeling relaxed after a month long ayurvedic therapies.

But time is passing... we are very busy as we are applying the discipline of Devaaya ayurveda, including the meals!... .

We start at 06.30 a.m. with Kryas, following by Yoga (in fact we recorded the yoga’s training of Devaaya) and then the breakfast.

At 11.00 a.m. we have the pleasure to eat fruits and then start taking things a little more seriously like the preparation of Indian£s lunch and later dinner.

Thanks Google, we are able to spend a lot of time in the preparation of Indian£s meals, but really it takes a lot of our time !!.... but at least it is not too bad.

Anyway.... time passes, the days tick by while there is so little time we were in Goa.

And soon it will be Christmas with its procession of magic and light!.

We will surely come back to India again and will recommend your organization to friends, who are willing to come to India.

I think we should stop now and wish you all the best and do not forget to take care of you.

Christine & Luong


Dear Mr. Deepak,

Just to inform you that we had a good flight back home.

It was great to chose Kerela as a vacation target.

My wife and me found the trip as pleasant, relaxing and interesting. The trip plan was perfect and the resources well selected.

Only the House Boat in spite the friendly staff to sleep on water alone in a small room was difficult to digest, though it was a best houseboat you had offered.
Best of the Hotels were Spice village and Leela.

Thank you for follow up and continuing care throughout the journey.

Many regards.

Prof. Younis Jan


Dear Deepak,

Just to say thank you and inform you that we had a great trip of Kerala for 15 days and it was perfectly organized and all the hotels offered were superb.

All the places we visited were great but Munnar, overnight Houseboat, Kovalam, Kanyakumari and Rameshwaram were very nice and the kids really enjoyed the whole trip.

The car was excellent and the driver Shivan was very nice, who made our journey very comfortable.

Overall, it was a great trip and many thanks for organizing the same for us and we will definitely come back to you for our future trips.

Mrs. Suman Rastogi & Family

Ghaziabad (Delhi, NCR)

Hi Deepak,

Thank you very much for organizing this lovely wildlife trip for me and I really enjoyed all the destinations Kanha, Bandhavgarh, Agra, Ranthambore, Jaipur and Delhi.

Everything was perfect and I am hoping to do a group trip with you soon.

Nabil Abu-Shehab

Amman (Jeddah)

Hello Mr. Deepak,

Just to say “THANK YOU” for making such a nice trip for me, my wife and my friends (7 couples) for 10 days from Chandigarh, Shimla, Manali, Dharamshala, Amritsar and back to Chandigarh.

We really enjoyed it and thanks for providing all very good hotels and taking a good care of all of us.

All the 3 cars were very nice and the drivers were experienced and caring.

It was really nice to meet you on our arrival in Chandigarh and look forward to contact you again for the next trip.  

Mahendra Jadhav

Pune (India)

Dear Mr. Deepak,


Thanks for organizing a nice trip for me to North India.


You were extremely helpful and did your best to keep me satisfied. I loved the copious follow up sms£s that I would get from you as I proceeded with my journey.


Thx Ashraf Nabil Hafez


Hi Deepak

Many thanks for your kind wishes. Margaret and I arrived home tired but safe and well with great memories of the last two weeks. My view of the trip is that it hit all targets set and exceeded many. Your support was brilliant and made the adventure very special.

Best wishes...................

Clive & Margaret


Thank you Deepak.

We all arrived home safely and on time. It is 5 degrees C here and has been snowing whilst we have been away. We still have snow in the garden! - this is unusual for this time of year as Spring has now started. You can imagine how cold we feel after all the sunshine and heat in India.

We had a great time and saw many new sights and enjoyed new experiences. Once again your attention to detail was of the highest order. We will talk for years to come about how you managed to get food onto the train after being let down by Indian Railways and the way you dealt with the Railway policeman!
The trip was fantastically organised with lots of little extras that continually surprised us.
Thanks again Deepak for another wonderful trip
All the best
John and Anne Moran

Hi Deepak,
Thanks for a brilliant holiday, trip, excursion, etc etc.
Sorry Halima and I did not say goodbye at the airport, we thought you were coming into the checkout area.
It was not until we had checked in that we realised we had missed you.
We just wanted to thank you personally for such a good tour.
I have just finished organizing the photos, all put into their own days and also separated out for the birds and butterflies.
I hope you get lots of trips before the summer sets in and you have to start looking for new destinations for your visitors.

When we settle down in our new home (next month) and Halima decides what she want, we may be back in touch with you to discuss KalKutta (sp) where here great grandparents came from.
Thanks again and hope you had a good Easter.

Tague and Halima Mellings


Hi Deepak

Just to say thank you for organizing the holiday, I had a great time and lots of nice memories, it is not easy pleasing such a large group but you managed it very well and kept very calm throughout the long journey,  Also I would like to thank you for the birthday flowers and cake such a nice thought made my birthday special. Thank you. 

I wish you luck and hope you do we£ll in your holiday business, 


Joy Balmer  


Dear Deepak

We hope that you are well and have recovered from having to escort us around!

I’m writing to express our thanks for all your attention and kindness which you gave us to make our holiday special, we’ll have lots of nice memories of those wonderful experiences and sights, and we shall certainly recommend you to any of our friends and acquaintances.

Marian and I are both fine and are settling back to our normal routines.

Our daughter Ruth is in India at present, she’s been to Delhi and Agra and is on the way to Jaipur today, she tells us that she loves it!

Here are a couple of photos that we took of you.

Once again thank you very much.

Best wishes and kind regards,

John & Marian


Hi Deepak

Sorry for not replying sooner, but my Mother is in hospital and I have been busy dealing with all of that as well as catching up with work.

You can be certain that we had a wonderful trip to India and your help and assistance in everything we did was of immense value. I saw my chiropractor on Saturday and she was able to give me some relief.  It was just a pulled muscle, not my back.

We haven’t had chance to sort through the many photos we took, maybe this weekend we will get some time.  If there are any that I think worthwhile I will send you a copy direct.  I expect Clive will collate everyone’s photos and make a DVD of them all.

Thank you for the pictures and we send our best regards to you and your family.

John & Lyn Furley


Hi Deepak !

Thanks for your kind mail, it has been a pleasure meeting you in Goa !!! We had a lovely chat and time together.

I m back to work but I still enjoy my time in India and try my best to keep nice memories and do not think (too much) of my work...

We had a lovely journey and your service was excellent !!! Thanks also for your presents, Ganesha is protecting my home and my 2 boys !!!

Sure I will come again !!! Don£t worry I like too much India for not coming again !!!

Tomorrow I will show our program to one of my colleague he is thinking coming to India next winter, I will give him good advices and he will probably make the booking through you !!

I wish you all the best, take care and cheers !

Kindest regards.



Hi Deepak,

So nice to hear from you.

We were actually talking about you when your e-mail came through. We£re still at Jack and Anne£s - home later today.

We want to thank you for the magnificent holiday you organised for us- so many contrasts and interesting experiences, you went to so much trouble for us. We LOVE lndia! even Debbies visit to Bombay hospital was interesting. We have just been looking at our photos on the computer and l can£t believe how much we (you) packed into was it really only two weeks!                  

I hope the rest of the year goes well for you - l am sure we will meet again. (maybe in Kashmir?).                            

Thank you so much again.                      

David and Debbie


Dear Deepak,

How great to hear from you so soon. We would like to thank you very much for the most fantastic experience Duncan and I have just had. The memory of our visit to your India will remain with us forever. We have learnt so much about your country and I am sure all our other friends will get very fed up of us going on about our time with you. We thank you for your care and protection of us throughout the holiday. Without your attention to detail the time would not have been so pleasurable. You indeed served us to your very best level and we are extremely greatful for this. The whole group and yourself made us feel very welcomed and we made many new friends.

Our journey home went well with no problems. However it is extremely cold here with much snow around our house. It was very difficult to go back to wearing our winter clothes today. I am sure we will get used to it once more.

Do remember that you and your family will always be welcome to come to stay here anytime you like then perhaps we too can have the pleasure of showing you our country of Wales.

So yet again our thanks go out to you. Fondest regards and very best wishes to you and your family. Happy Easter to you also, enjoy your time with your family.

Duncan and Anne Jones

Hi Deepak !

We have reached home safely and find my family.We had a nice trip and thank you very much for this fabulous trip, enchanted to meet you and thanks for your gift.

I hope to meet you during our world trip!

Best regards,

Sylviane, Switzerland

Hi Deepak,

Yes , returned home rather tired yet full of my Indian experiences. I had an extraordinary time. India has so much to offer in so many ways.I will return. Kashmir is on the radar.

Best wishes for Easter to all you and your family.



Hi Deepak,

Just to thank you for organizing this beautiful trip Rajasthan for me. Though it was for 6 days but it was a great experience to be stayed at Palace Hotels of India.

All the TAJ Hotels were superb and I really enjoyed my trip.

The driver was very nice and all the guides were very good.

Overall it was a fantastic trip.

Best wishes,



Hi Deepak,

We are back and want to say you thanks for organizing a nice trip for me and my family to Rajasthan.

All the arrangements were very good and the trip was really well organized.

Also it was pleasure meeting you in Delhi and thank you very much for evening.


Kalesha Vali & Family


Hi Deepak,

I am back home and thank you so much for everything!

I really enjoyed my time in India with my family and hope to visit again next year.

Best regards,



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